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Where ingenuity in electronics design is its own reward.

Armstrong regenerative receiver

An all discrete class B audio amplifier that is a genuine alternative to the LM386 chip.  This low cost circuit is ideal for your homebrew or production requirements. Class B Amplifier

This high input impedance BJT preamplifier is a must for all those who still use crystal microphones! It has some neat features to consider such as dual bootstrapping: Dual Bootstrap

A single layer air core solenoid inductor calculator which also calculates resonant frequency.  Ideal for those interested in home brew radio: Coil Calc

On the menu is a simple but rather useful RF oscillator with a rather special design.  This one would also be useful sort for making a GDO:  RF Oscillator

It is always useful to have a choice of preamplifier circuits.  This low noise circuit can be put together in a jiffy:  CFP Preamplifier

The first circuit we have today is useful where you need an inverting XOR gate (and who doesn’t) but are unwilling to add an extra IC to the design. Two BJT’s provide the glue logic:  Inverting XOR gate